Quilt Studio


See your quilt design before you sew it!

Anyone can design quilts and blocks on iPad with hundreds of fabrics from Hancocks of Paducah.

Paid upgrade to store multiple quilts and email quilt information

With Quilt Studio

  1. Design pieced patchwork quilts with  your own custom blocks

  2. Choose from hundreds of fabrics from Hancocks of Paducah, then order with a tap

  3. Change block settings, sashing, borders and binding

  4. Have block diagrams, fabric estimates and templates done for you automatically

  5. Email quilt information PDF file to print or share (paid feature)

New to Quilting?

If you're new to quilting, we recommend you get help from an experienced quilter to plan and sew your first quilts. Quilt Studio is not a tutorial and does not include step-by-step instructions.

Quilt Studio is designed to help experienced quilters design and sew quilt tops without having to worry about estimating fabrics, figuring out piece dimensions or drawing templates.


We want you to be happy with Quilt Studio and work hard to make it great.

Nobody's perfect, though, so if you have trouble, we want to help.

The easiest way is to email support from within Quilt Studio, especially if you're having trouble with a particular block or quilt. Tap and hold for two seconds on a quilt in the Studio screen or a block in the block A or B drawer to email the quilt or block.

You can email us directly at QuiltStudioSupport@subtractiveart.com.

You can also visit our Online Help and Feedback site, also available from within the product by clicking the settings menu on the Studio screen.

Today, Quilt Studio works on iPad 2 and newer models, including the iPad mini.

Difference between free and paid upgrade

Free, without purchasing an upgrade in Quilt Studio, you can design your own quilts and blocks, look at included inspiration quilts, and see how Quilt Studio estimates fabrics, calculates dimensions and draws templates. At any time, though, you can have one custom quilt design, one custom fabric set and two custom blocks. You can't email the quilt information without upgrading.

With an unlimited or limited in-application purchase to upgrade, you can have multiple custom quilt designs, fabric sets and blocks, and you can email the quilt information.

Suggestions, requests or other thoughts?

We want to hear from you to make Quilt Studio better! Visit our Online Help and Feedback site or Email us with your thoughts. You can also discuss and share your quilts with other users on Facebook and Pinterest Thank you!

Get Connected

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Publish your Patterns

You can use Quilt Studio to design and produce your own patterns commercially. We’d appreciate some extra PR if you use Quilt Studio by placing the “Designed with Quilt Studio” badge in your pattern cover or instructions:

You can also download several file formats here.

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